Feel Like Quitting: “I Have Lost the Will to Live & I Want to Give Up on my Life”

feel like quitting

My name is Leonard. I am 21 years old. I am from Haiti but a US citizen. This letter is my cry for help because the world seems to be deaf to my cries for help and oblivious to my dire plight. I feel like quitting on my life and . . .

5 replies to “Feel Like Quitting: “I Have Lost the Will to Live & I Want to Give Up on my Life””

  1. Leonard – we are very touched by your story. It is incredibly sad and your pain comes across in your writing. It is obvious that you have been through a lot and we won’t be able to understand the extent of your suffering because we haven’t walked in your shoes.
    It is shame that people have taken advantage of your vulnerability; causing you more pain. You must feel forsaken because those who were suppose to help you, ended up inflicted more pain. How do you trust? It must be had to remain hopeful.
    We are here to tell you that you have come a long way to give up now. Giving up will give those who took advantage power over you. You are survivor so rise above these tribulations. You are fighter so stand up against those who try to exploit you. They are weak!
    We will reach out to you and discuss ways in which we and the LGBT community can support you. Please know that you are not alone. We are with you and together we are strong. Pride on!

  2. Leonard,I’m really sorry to hear this happens to you and no it’s not right.
    You are still so young and have so much to live for.What is happening to you is out of your front roll,does it make it right? No! But sadly this world is cold.
    I wish there was more I could do to help,my best advice? Move.Go somewhere safer.I know it’s not easy but in the end you will be happier.I love in Connecticut,I would open my doors to you if I could.You have much love and support.


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