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Love is a Rainbow is a site dedicated to promoting the different colors of love – across gender, race, religion, and cultures. We believe the beauty of love lies in its colors – one love; different colors. We hope this site serves as a platform to promote the inclusiveness and diversity of love – love without prejudice.

This site was launched on October 2016 to commemorate LGBT History Month.

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WHO WE ARE: is a digital media platform that delivers content promoting diversity and equality to people around the world. But really, we like to pride ourselves as being the most colorful site of the web – giving you different colors of love everyday of the week!

WHY DID WE GET STARTED: Once upon a time, the web was just black and white, zeroes and ones. It wasn’t for us and it didn’t belong to us. Because, you see, we are people of beautiful vibrant colors. We come in all colors of the Rainbow. was created to be the most colorful site on the web. It is a platform that embraces the diversity of mankind and the power of unity. Join us and be part of what makes us great. We are proud to be who we are and live how we want.

WHAT WE DO: is a platform that promotes human diversity and equality. We publish some of the most relevant and engaging articles touching on diversity on the web. Our social media platform inspires and motivates our community.

Love cures people. Both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it – Karl A. Menninger