Why Do Straight Men Assume That I Fancy Them?

Why Do Straight Men Assume?

Why do straight men assume (automatically) that I fancy them all? Sorry guys; I have my tastes.
It is a never-ending source of irritation for me when straight men assume that just because I am gay, I am literally panting for him. Some go as far as telling you . . .

2 replies to “Why Do Straight Men Assume That I Fancy Them?”

  1. I hate this bullshit its fine in porn because its pornography and fantasy but its also where a lot of fuel for straight men to assume that we want them all comes from now

  2. I can relate. There are guys who think that I like them and it’s annoying. I have my standards. The thing is that they meet the standard for looks, but not the standards for personality. Some of them are good looking but they are homophobic ass holes.


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