Personal Acceptance: Denial of Yet Another Queer Identity

personal acceptance

An open letter to my mother: True personal acceptance and love cannot be conditional
Cutting my hair was my first step towards personal acceptance. Cutting my hair consisted of months upon months of admiring various cuts and colors, before finally working up the courage to do it, despite . . .

5 replies to “Personal Acceptance: Denial of Yet Another Queer Identity”

  1. That made feel like I needed to accept myself more. My mom tells me to try and wear girls clothing which I don’t like. I like to wear boys clothes because it brings the real me out instead of forcefully trying to make me think this is me.

  2. This honestly gave me goosebumps.It was as if I would have written this.My mother hates anything to do with the LGBTQ community.But just last year,I’m 26 now,I told her I was in love with my transgender boyfriend and she didn’t accept it.We still talk but she told me she will never support or accept me and my decision.But all my life I was made to be the baby girl of the family.The perfect one after her two other daughters screwed up.But I let my mother down but I don’t regret it.I tried dating other men but it never worked out.I knew who I loved and so I stopped living for my family and started living for me.Thank you for this beautiful story,it just lets me know I made the goth choice.Much love.

    1. You did the right thing 🙂 Sometimes we must get to choose the way people love us, and if your family love is oppressive, then you can redefine family with your boyfriend and reject that oppression!

  3. AHhhhhhh! This is like reading my own life! How sad that I identify with someone else’s sadness and pain. But unity is half of what a community is about. The other, understanding. This hits home so much to me. I cried reading how she didn’t want to come out and have her mother tell her how much of a sin it is and have her say she won’t be a part of it. As someone who is getting married next year, knowing my mother wont be there to support us hurts the most. She doesn’t even acknowledge my fiance, or treat her like a human being. Even before she knew we were together. It’s like she was already anticipating her hate. I wish all families could be open minded, but sadly that is not the case.


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