My Gay Boyfriend Slept With A Woman – Is he straight for pay?

My gay boyfriend slept with a woman, is he straight for pay?

Being a gay boyfriend is never easy and my romantic life has been a bit of a mess for quite a few years. The good ones were soon snapped up by my love rivals. Am I bitter? Of course I am bitter. After all that investment in a relationship, I am battling yet another heartbreak. The difference is that this heartbreak is close to home, too close actually.  This time I will not accuse my nemesis: hot gay sluts. It is a woman…a very nice woman that stole from me this time. I am not even sure I have the nerve to really hate Cindy. She was my fag hag for many years and I am ashamed to say that she bailed me out many, many times.



The thing is that Cindy knew me so well that I never ever considered her to be a threat. When I met Max in a club, she was the first to know (after I managed to pull myself from bed). Good God, Max knew what he was doing. Those heady weeks together were a dream come true. I was in a state of constant sexual tension. He never failed to oblige whenever and wherever I wanted to have a go. Max was so good, I had this terrible suspicion that he had been doing this all his life (at least that portion when it was legal and physically possible).

Gay Boyfriend

Once I asked him whether he had had many lovers and he said not too many. But then, I could not quite understand why he was such a master in bed. When we discussed orientation, Max told me he was a committed top and that he had never been with a woman. To him women did not have any attraction, save as friends. There were other even less complementary things he had said about women’s vaginas and their “aroma”. We had a laugh about it and that was that.

Cindy Takes Notice

Meanwhile Cindy had been getting regular updates of just about everything that was happening. I was having one long orgasm and was dying to tell her about it. My poor bed was getting its fair share of wear and tear. Cindy had actually never met Max but she told me that it seems I was hooked this time. Like any good friend; she warned me about falling too quickly and too deeply. I had been hurt so many times before so her advice was definitely quite sensible. The thing is: I could not help myself. Max was just pure gold and I was damned if I was going to let false modesty stop me from enjoying his body and his skills.

The day that Cindy met Max seemed ordinary enough; but now it is tinged with incredible sadness. I wish I had never let her see him. How stupid could I have been? Here I was: telling her about this super fuck and then introducing them. My reasoning was quite logical: Max was gay (he had shown me enough evidence in bed) and Cindy was definitely straight. What could possibly go wrong? At first things seemed so normal. That is why I never took any precautions.

Cindy was making polite conversation and trying to find out more about Max.  She said her goodbyes after that initial meeting.  We caught up on the phone and she told me that he seemed like a very nice guy. It was only a few days later when I met her that I knew what had happened. There was no mistaking that glow or the way she looked at him. This was no clandestine affair. I was absolutely certainly sure that Max had fucked Cindy and she had loved every minute of it.

My Gay Boyfriend and The Drama

Gay Boyfriend of Mine Slept With A Woman, Is He Straight For Pay?
Gay Boyfriend of Mine Slept With A Woman, Is He Straight For Pay?

I was devastated…so much so that I forgot my normally excellent social skills. “You guys have been fucking, haven’t you?” I fumed. It was really a rhetorical question because his uneasy glance at her told me everything. Cindy started crying: “I am so sorry…it just happened. I didn’t want to. We both didn’t want to do it.”. That was cold comfort to me. The man of my dreams and my best friends had just had a super fuck. I convinced myself that it was not going to be the last time.

Cindy said she would not see him again but I knew better. Max said he was sorry but one thing led to another. I asked where they had met. He said that Cindy had seen him at a café and come over to say hello. They started chatting and ended up at his flat. I just could not let it go so I went to confront Cindy again, pretending to be calmer (I was still reeling). Eventually Cindy confessed that she became curious about Max. Apparently she could not connect his persona from the sexy animal I had described her so often.

We are no longer really talking as much as we used to. There is no way I am sharing Max. He says that he wants to be with me but I am not convinced. I have asked him to promise that he will not see Cindy again. He promised but there is still a big question mark in my mind. To me it seems like the forbidden fruit has been tasted and they will almost certainly be at it like rabbits when they get a chance. At the moment I am stuck between hating Max and wanting him so bad. I also miss Cindy: she was such a good friend and I do not feel like finding any sort of replacement.

I am Sticking to My Story

Gay Boyfriend of Mine Slept With A Woman, Is He Straight For Pay?
Gay Boyfriend of Mine Slept With A Woman, Is He Straight For Pay?

The jealousy has been killing me and I know that I am being somewhat unreasonable. I practically invited Cindy to try him out with my blabbermouth. In order to keep myself sane, I have come up with this insane theory that Max is straight for pay. It has no basis in fact but I am sticking to that story. At least I can say that there is no emotional connection, just sex for pay. Deep down I know that the truth is different. Something must have clicked. Cindy looks worried but there is just that little hint of yearning.

I decided to just come out with it and asked Max whether he was just experimenting or in it for the money. He was quite understandably very angry and told me in no uncertain terms that he was no gigolo. Things had just gotten out of hand. I asked him whether he had enjoyed fucking my best friend. He looked uncomfortable. Max need not have bothered answering, I could tell that he had enjoyed it. He still insists that it was a mistake and I should forgive him.

Gay Boyfriend of Mine Slept With A Woman, Is He Straight For Pay?
Gay Boyfriend of Mine Slept With A Woman, Is He Straight For Pay?

Anyway I feel that I am under a spell. The inevitable happened. He came round and we jumped straight into bed. Max was good as ever…even a little bit better if I am to be completely honest. Cindy swears that they are never doing it again but I managed to needle out of her a confession that she really enjoyed sleeping with Max. Are we destined to become part of a love triangle: two friends making use of a super stud? My emotions are running riot.  I know I should probably give him up and keep Cindy but again…there is that little problem that only he can resolve.

Where do we go from here?

Cindy remains my friend although we will never be as close as we once again.  No matter the temptation, I refuse to believe that she could not have resisted for me. I believe she gave in to her curiosity and lust. There is every chance that if I break up with Max, she will take him for good. Meanwhile I am still dating Max. Everything is good with him apart from that betrayal. What should I do? My agony aunt on call was Cindy but I can hardly ask her for advice on this one.


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Some of my other buddies say that I should chill and let bygones be bygones. They point out how I too have experimented in my time. I am even fearful of telling them everything about Max lest they too get the itch to try him out. It would be a stretch to say that the house is full of tensions but I cannot be in the same room with Cindy and Max together. They are now in their separate compartments. I meet each other separately. Maybe that is what I should have done in the first place.

Gay Boyfriend of Mine Slept With A Woman, Is He Straight For Pay?
Gay Boyfriend of Mine Slept With A Woman, Is He Straight For Pay?

The truth is that my gay boyfriend, Max is not really straight for pay. He just hooked up with Cindy for the kicks. There is nothing to suggest that he is hard up or that if he were hard up he would ask for someone else to pay his way. My gay boyfriend is not like that. I just wish he had not complicated my life by going for my dearest friend. Maybe in the next couple of months I will definitely know what I want to do.