How to Be An Ally for the Transgender Community

transgender community

What the LGBT community needs is allies. Every letter of the acronym does, in common but also in particular ways: we all need allies to stand by us and fight against specific problems of varying shapes and sizes. Especially the less privileged identities and intersections of the community need support and people to participate actively […]

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LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace: A Closer Look at Reality

LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace

LGBT Discrimination — “I certainly had the competitive advantage to get the job. But surprisingly, I did not make the cut. And I can’t really think of any reason, except that I disclosed during my final interview that I am gay.” My name is Trevor and I’m 36. I recently moved from upstate New York […]

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Open Letter to Donald Trump: A Call for LGBT Equality

LGBT Equality

In our fight for LGBT Equality, we’ve written an open letter addressed to the newly-elected president of the United States, Donald Trump. Campaign and Election On November 8th, to the shock of a majority of the popular votes, you won enough electoral votes to become the 45th president of the United States come January 20th, […]

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