Interracial Relationship: I am Black and He is White – What’s the Problem?

interracial relationship

Wonderful interracial relationship story:
My name is Nyanda and I am 34 years old. I work as a digital marketing manager for a real estate company in Florida. I was born and raised in Camden . . .

3 replies to “Interracial Relationship: I am Black and He is White – What’s the Problem?”

  1. As they said as long as you love each other. I have the same thing going on with my parents. They don’t care because they know that they have there young children who love them.

  2. We are 5000km, 5 countries apart on the African continent. Very different upbringings. But both in love and happy. Technology brought us together and love keeps us. 45 years ago when my parents married they had a world of trouble, they where both white, but from different nationalities. Now after the fall of Apartheid and post colonial Africa, me and my Kenyan fiancé are so well supported by everyone important to us. So happy and lucky to live in an era when this is possible.

  3. Love is about persons soul and heart. I am currently talking to someone that live in a different region. She lives half way around the world from me. I love learning all the new things about her and she love seeing how similar and different we are. What counts is the connection you make with someone. No matter the outside of a person or the environment.

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