Coming Out Stories: How Coming Out Changed My Life!

Coming Out Stories - How Coming out Changed My Life

For our first entry in our series of coming out stories:
In a society where discrimination, prejudice and social inequality reside, coming out of the closet seems to be the hardest thing to do. Whenever you . . .

2 replies to “Coming Out Stories: How Coming Out Changed My Life!”

  1. Wow. Um lets see. This could be the month I could tell my parents. Like he said it will be my biggest regret ever. So yes you have inspired me to do so. I will come out of the closet. And I will be proud.

  2. This is amazing. Knowing that everyone won’t accept you is good to keep in mind, but if they don’t then they aren’t needed in your life. I’ve never tried to hide who I likes I just went with it. I didn’t just show it off but I also didn’t hide it. It was like it was and is and will be. I’m going to do and love who I want seeing fit if they make me happy. Embrace yourself!

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