LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace: A Closer Look at Reality

LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace

LGBT Discrimination"I certainly had the competitive advantage to get the job. But surprisingly, I did not make the cut. And I can’t really think of any reason, except that I disclosed during my final . . .

5 replies to “LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace: A Closer Look at Reality”

  1. I’m really sorry that happened to you Trevor,But I know your suffering.My fiancé has been trying to get a job but because he’s a transgender (ftm) no one ever wants to hire him.They are just like “yeah,put a application in and if you fit the part we will call you.”After the 25th try he just stopped.We are struggling so bad and now I’m having to try and bring the money in the pay the bills.

  2. Wow!?!?! First of all that is not fair,completely stupid, and unworthy. Just because your gay,doesn’t make you different than any other person. We are all the same in the inside and deserve the same respect!

  3. Everyone is a little different in some way, but it does not mean that we should look at each other with judgment because we are different from the next. We all need basic things in life like work to support ourselves and love why should anyone be without that just because they are different from the original thought of one person to the next.

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