Things To Remember When You’re Questioning LGBT

You’re probably already tired of hearing about how every story in the LGBTQIA+ community is written by a different author. Yes, we get it, each and every one of us is unique, and how that couldn’t be so, in a community with people coming from different countries, racial backgrounds, religious backgrounds, with different genders and […]

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One thought on “Things To Remember When You’re Questioning LGBT

  1. Hi , I read all of this and this made me smile and made me proud of who I am . I am kinda out of the closet but still in the closet . Do you or anyone have advice on what to say after opening up to your family ? I feel I’m ready but scared on that they will not like me because I’m gay . Another question.. you think I should ask my family what they think of LGBT ️‍ and then base on when to open up ? Thanks for listening I’m just trying to figure out do I really want to open up to my family or not

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